Academic years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012: University of Padova, adjunct professor (professore a contratto) of Electromagnetic Fields for the course (corso integrato) of "Ingegneria Applicata e Protezionistica II” (safety in the workplaces) in the Degree Course in "tecniche della prevenzione nell'ambiente e nei luoghi di lavoro" (prevention techniques in the environment and in the workplaces) at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.
Academic year 2008-2009: University of Padova, laboratory for the antennas course.

Other activities

Journals and conference proceedings for which I have been refereed

  1. IEEE Photonics Technology Letters.
  2. Elsevier Optics Communications.  
  3. Riunione Nazionale di Elettromagnetismo (RiNEm).


Contributions to books

A.-D. CAPOBIANCO, F. M. PIGOZZO, A. LOCATELLI, D. MODOTTO, C. DE ANGELIS, S. BOSCOLO, F. SACCHETTO, M. MIDRIO, "Directive Ultra-Wideband Planar Antennas", in: Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies Modern UWB antennas and equipment, Igor Minin (editor), In-Tech, Vukovar, Croatia, pp. 1-18, March 2010, ISBN:978953761967-1.


International peer review conferences

  1. M. CAZZANELLI, F. BIANCO, E. BORGA, K. FEDUS, M. GHULINYAN, G. PUCKER, D. MODOTTO, S. WABNITZ, F.M. PIGOZZO, E. DEGOLI, S. OSSICINI, E. LUPPI, V. VÉNIARD, F. ENRICHI, R. PIEROBON, L. PAVESI (2012). Second and third order nonlinearities in silicon waveguides. In: Proc. Photonics Europe 2012, Brussels, B.

Peer review papers

  1. F. M. PIGOZZO, D. MODOTTO, S. WABNITZ (2012). Second harmonic generation by modal phase matching involving optical and plasmonic modes. OPTICS LETTERS, vol. 37; p. 2244-2246, ISSN:0146-9592.
  2. M. CAZZANELLI, F. BIANCO, M. GHULINYAN, G. PUCKER, D. MODOTTO, S. WABNITZ, F. M. PIGOZZO, S. OSSICINI, E. DEGOLI, E. LUPPI, V. VÉNIARD, L. PAVESI (2012). Second-order nonlinear silicon photonics. SPIE Newsroom, doi:10.1117/2.1201203.004138.



May 2005: Dottorato di ricerca (italian Ph.D.) in Industrial and Information Engineering (rating excellent) from the University of Udine.
March 2001: Degree in "Telecommunication Engineering" area of study "Optical Communications" (mark 100/110) at the University of Padova.
June 1992: Secondary school diploma of "Perito Industriale Capotecnico Specializzazione in Telecomunicazioni" (telecommunications) (mark 45/60) at Technical Institute "Primo Levi" of Mirano (VE).


Post degree

July 2016 -> now: Full teacher in italian public high schools and freelance reseacher.
March 2012 -> July 2016: Teacher without a permanent position in italian public high schools and freelance reseacher.

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